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Detail of 'No Place Like Home' Painted Bowl
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People ask me often where I get my ideas.  Some have been growing for 30 years.  Others have come from my traveling and reading experiences.  I try to combine these elements into a multi-cultural expression that is my own.

It has become natural to pursue my interest in stories by producing narrative paintings that convey meaning.

My professional training began at Penn State University. I furthered my art studies at the Art Institute of Chicago.  After teaching at a community college for a number of years, I spent some time as a graphic designer which led to the publication of two books –
The Two-Legged Creature, published by Northland Books in Flagstaff, AZ, and Saving the Rainforest, published by Trickle Creek Books in Harrisburg, PA. 

Now I find that my greatest satisfaction is in producing work from ideas stored up throughout my life. 

Carol Bowles
Carol Bowles
Midway, KY
phone: 859-684-7488

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